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Online Application for Undergraduate Admission


Thank you for applying to American University of Sharjah.


AUS considers all applications on the basis of qualifications regardless of race, color, gender, handicap, religion, age or national origin.


Before you start your online application procedure, you must read the following information carefully.


      1. Applicants must complete the application themselves.  
      3. All items marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
      5. To complete your online application, you will need a valid credit card to pay the application fee. If you do not have a valid credit card, do not initiate the online application.
      7. First-time users will need to register to create an account. You must choose a login username and password between 6 and 9 alphanumeric characters.
      9. You may complete your application in more than one session. You can always save your application and complete it later.
      11. Applicants must complete their online application procedure by the established deadline listed on http://www.aus.edu/deadlines. Incomplete applications will be deleted at the beginning of each semester.
      13. Applicants are encouraged to apply early. Applicants for fall (first) semesters can start applying in January. Applicants for spring (second) semesters can start applying in October.
      15. Following are the requirements to complete the online application for undergraduate admission. You will need a softcopy of the following documents for uploading. All documents to be uploaded must be in PDF (for single or multiple pages) or JPEG format (for single pages):

        a. Result reports from school grades 10 and 11 in addition to the results report of grade 12, if available at the time of submitting the application. Once admitted, the applicant must submit the officially attested final grade reports and graduation certificate.
        b. For British system applicants, in addition to the result certificates, applicants must also submit a letter from the school showing the grade (year) completed in the school. To be qualified for early admission consideration, the results of at least six IGCSE subjects with an overall average of grade B or above must be submitted. Results of the remaining IGCSE, A/S and A Level subjects can be submitted later.
        c. For American curriculum applicants, applicants must submit SAT scores.
        d. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.
        e. A photocopy of the applicant’s UAE ID card (for applicants from inside the UAE).
        f. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS Academic version) score report(s) if available at the time of submitting the application.
        g. A non-refundable application fee of 400 UAE Dirhams (one US $ is equivalent to 3.65 UAE Dirhams).

      16. Applicants enrolled in other universities, colleges or any institution of higher education prior to submitting this application must apply as transfer applicants. Transfer of credit will be subject to AUS academic rules and regulations. Transfer applicants are also required to submit:      

        a. an additional non-refundable evaluation fee of 350 UAE Dirhams (deductible from tuition once enrolled)
        b. an official university transcript and course descriptions

      17. The application fee can be paid online using any major credit card. Once you receive your AUS email username and password, please go to banner.aus.edu and login to "Web Enabled Interface for Students" using your AUS email username and password. Once logged in, go to Current Applicants / Check Current Application Status and pay online.

      18. For additional information or instructions, you can always click the Help Link at the top right corner of the page.

      19. An offer of admission extended to an applicant will be valid only for the academic semester for which the applicant applied.

        a. Applicants who wish to defer their admission to the following semester must complete the Admission Deferment Form and submit it to the Office of Enrollment Management not later than one month before the beginning of the semester. Admission consideration for the following semester will depend on meeting the established requirements and available seats.
        b. In case seats are not available in the semester you selected, AUS may consider your application for the following semester.