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Iraq Public Leadership Program (IPLP)

Dr. Yass Al Kafaji
Professor of Accounting, IPLP Academic Leader

IPLP over its many years has moved, touched and inspired the lives of more than 180 Iraqi young leaders. Many have reconnected with their country after distancing themselves, and others have linked their livelihoods to the country of Iraq.  IPLP has given renewed hope to these leaders, inspiring them to rebuild their country. Personally, I have been deeply inspired by the program, which has allowed me to reconnect to my country after an absence of more than thirty years.  IPLP has led me changing my academic research agenda so it align with Iraq’s challenges, examining the role of public money and finance in empowering young people to be successful social entrepreneurs.  I am deeply grateful to all the people who made this unique experiment a success including, AUS faculty members, the participants and the discussion leaders.