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Residential life at

American University of Sharjah

Welcome to your new home.

American University of Sharjah (AUS) provides its students with the opportunity to live in safe, comfortable and well-appointed residential halls, designed to allow students to make the most of the academic and extracurricular opportunities AUS offers. 
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"We have found numerous benefits in our daughter living on campus at AUS and that's why we chose the residential halls. Living on campus has provided her with a sense of independence and responsibility. It has allowed her to navigate college life on her own, manage her time effectively, and make important decisions. The residential halls offer a safe and secure environment, ensuring her well-being and giving us peace of mind as parents."

- Fatima E.H. Payamps, parent of AUS residential hall student


Did you know?

Undergraduate students and Achievement Academy/Bridge Program students in their first two semesters of study at AUS will receive a 50 percent discount on the student housing fee.

Reasons to choose AUS residential halls.

From 24/7 security to social activities, here are just a few reasons AUS students and their parents opt for AUS residential life.

A snapshot of life in the residential halls.

Take a look at our rooms and some of our facilities.

Hear from our residential hall students.

Current students living on campus tell why they chose the AUS residential halls.

“I chose to live in the halls to be close to the university and experience a sense of community with other students. Living in the halls has given me numerous opportunities to connect with other students, make new friends and engage in extracurricular activities. It has also allowed me to easily access resources such as the library, computer labs and fitness center.”

Qusai Al Tah
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

“I have been living in the AUS residential halls since the first day of university. Living in the halls is the best option for me as the rooms are extremely comfortable and I have a sense of security and well-being here. I would recommend living in the AUS residential halls to all AUS students.”

Khalid Alda masi-1
Khalid Aldamasi
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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